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Provide needed services for your disabled clientele and keep your business ADA compliant. Use handicapped parking signs to help keep spaces free, promoting equal access and opportunities for people with disabilities.

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If you're one of the 18% of Americans with a disability, you may need to park close to an entrance. Handicap spaces provide that convenient proximity, along with the extra time and space needed to exit a parked vehicle. Moreover, handicapped spaces, cartier replica watches kept clear and available by handicapped parking signs, enable individuals with disabilities to have access to the same facilities as the general public. Before 1990, when Congress signed the Americans with Disabilities Act, swiss made replica watches drivers and passengers with disabilities were limited in their recreation, business, and routine due to building accessibility. In the 1990s,laws were put into place that required businesses to install special handicapped parking spaces, with wide lanes allowing passengers in wheelchairs to disembark with much less hassle.

Many property owners are not aware of what handicap parking sign options are available to them, the legal requirements for providing these signs, or the rationale behind their installation. In this site, you'll see a variety of disabled parking signs offered to suit every need, and you'll find out about how the Americans with Disabilities Act has changed the landscape for people with mobility issues.

Disabilities act
Long championed by the disability community and passed by a bipartisan majority in the Senate…

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Deterring handicap parking fraud
Once upon a time, I had a car in New York City. The tickets were constant and unavoidable: $65 for parking in a school zone…

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Disabled people welcome
Observant travelers may have noticed that while electric plugs and traffic signs differ from country to country…

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Varieties of handicapped parking signs
Reserved Parking Signs
The predominant characteristic featured in handicap parking signs is the International Symbol of Access (ISA): a person using a wheelchair. This instantly recognizable pictogram is utilized by the Americans with...

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Parking minimums and the Americans with Disabilities Act
Reserved Parking Signs
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed in 1990, offering handicapped people the opportunity to lead productive, social lives by promoting equal access to jobs, housing, and other facilities. A visible outcome...

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Disabled people and the International Symbol of Access
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